The Martini

The Martini

The Martini family of cocktails is distinguished primarily by the use of vermouth mixed with the base spirit. The basic formula is:

  • 2 oz spirit
  • 1 oz vermouth

Bitters may be added, a small measure of liqueur may be included, and the amount of vermouth can vary significantly, but this is the general starting place. Apart from this family’s namesake, the martini (gin and dry vermouth), other notable drinks in this group include the Manhattan (whiskey and sweet vermouth) and the negroni. The latter distinguishes itself by the inclusion of a full measure of Campari, a bitter, sweet, vivid red Italian amaro.

Drinks in the Martini family

Credit for the six cocktail families goes to Cocktail Codex. I highly recommend it for an in-depth exploration of drink variations in each category