The Flip

The Flip

The Flip family of cocktails are made with a spirit shaken with a whole egg. The drink is usually rather sweet and often garnished with grated nutmeg. Some flips use cream instead of an egg. The basic formula is:

  • 2 oz spirit
  • ½ oz syrup (often Demerara syrup)
  • 1 whole egg (or 1 oz cream)

This is probably the least commonly seen category of cocktail in modern bars. Egg nog may be the only flip commonly known today. Flips evolved over time from a mixture of beer, rum and sugar heated with a red-hot poker. This caused the drink to froth or “flip”, hence the name. Over time, the beer and the poker disappeared from use and an egg was added.

Here are some considerations when using eggs in cocktails.

Drinks in the Flip family

Credit for the six cocktail families goes to Cocktail Codex. I highly recommend it for an in-depth exploration of drink variations in each category